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Juan F. Aguilar

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I will personally help you build an effective website, teaching you how to control, tweak and manage it, while giving you insights into conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization and general online strategy.  A learning by doing experience that enables you to have your virtual space. 

I offer one-on-one training over a video conference. I use my background in psychology, web development, strategy, business development, entrepreneurship, experience, and creativity to help you succeed in your online project.

I also offer the setup of the domains, emails, backups, upgrades and monitoring infrastructure you need, to move forward. 

I look forward to meeting you, and thank you in advance for the honor of being part of your journey.


– Juanfra

Juan has worked, learned from and helped micro, small and medium sized businesses, great startups and fast-growing companies.

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¿What are people saying about Juan?

” Juan Francisco is definitely an asset to our company and team player. He has great understanding of the business as well as a great strategic sense. He builds tremendous relationships with clients and most importantly works with the team to always deliver great quality products on time while exceeding expectations. Great experience working with him as well.”

” …JF is an outstanding bright mind. Working with him is really enriching. He has a native understanding of business, and his insights are the best ingredient for any brainstorm. He’s also very organized and dedicated. A great person to work with.…”

” …I managed Juan for 7 months at He has a desire to dive deep into insights and constantly explore new strategies, processes and even ways of doing business. He combines an analytical approach with his background in psychology – both important traits in an optimizer!…”

“…Juan Francisco has always shown great initiative and a demonstrated interest in the business applications that each project may have, qualities that are reinforced by his technological knowledge and learning capacity…”

” …Talented and empathetic. Juan Francisco is a professional with extensive knowledge and experience in the creation and optimization of digital content. He has a record of activity with several inspiring successes and always accompanied by an entrepreneurial and executing spirit…”

” …JF Aguilar is a professional in Media, Web & Computer programing…”

Juan Francisco is a very creative and analytic mind. He is ready for any challenge and always great to work with. I am happy to highly recommend him for whatever job or project – as his intelligence and dedication will allow him to succeed!

Juan Francisco Aguilar is bright, proactive and very honorable. I am certain that he is a person who is extremely capable of doing an excellent job at any task that he is motivated & determined to complete. Juan is especially gifted at research, and is sensitive to others.

Juan Francisco is an excellent person, honest and accomplished. I recommend it for the compliance and quality of any work it performs. others.

Juan Francisco is an excellent person, honest and accomplished. I recommend him because of the compliance and quality of any work he performs.

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