Opportunity is about adjusting your perception.


We live in an era of opportunity, a wealth of knowledge with an even faster growing but yet still small body of wisdom at our digitally enabled fingertips.  Having this in mind, I have the following thoughts:

  • It’s an era that offers uncertainty and where disruption is a norm.
  • It’s about iterative optimization and strategic optimization.
  • It’s about crowdsourcing the best talent for the fastest results.
  • It’s about lean everything. Lean UX, Lean Strategy, You lean it baby! Keept it simple, stupid. Focus on accuracy and continous improvement.
  • It’s about defining what is a goal, and what is growth.
  • It’s about aligning with the contextual ecosystem at a holistic level. You’ve got to see different frames of focus, to really understand and thus surf the big picture.
  • It’s about doing the micro, macro and inbetweens at optimal speed.
  • It’s about giving you a better experience of life.
  • It’s about managing abundance and scarcity.

We are at a crossroads, the world of self learnes, objective thinkers, and mass imitation. A confusing and disconcerting pletora of mediatic bonbardment aimed at making you part of some one elses business model and viceversa. And the social ideal is becoming ever more clear, the leyend of the Hero Entrepreneur, the unique artist, the fierce CEO the bold advocate of an issue, the dreamer that manifests success. An era that trendifyes unique innovation creating an ever growing and self aware harmony of chaotic thinkers. This is the reality for humans who live in societies with high use of internet and media. A new world, fed by the imagination of many into very tangible effects on each other’s lives. We are lucky to be alive.

Aguitta humbly recognizes that the  main asset we have as a group of consultants is our ability to research and implement new proven strategies to get pragmatic quick ROI and validated learning. Its the art of deliverying efficiently under constant change.



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