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A Conversion Basic: Relevance.


Visitors come to your landing page with an objective and this objective can be quite particular. Based on the origin and that initial click’s context, you can provide a very seamless experience down a conversion funnel, if the funnel projects what the user is expecting to see. The rest, as Oli from unbounce puts it, is making the funnel as smooth, simple and relevant as possible. A great way of understanding this is with the 7 principles of Conversion Oriented Design that basically focuses on making the conversion be the relevant uncontested protagonist of the funnel, in a less is more kind of way. The next video goes through them in a truly insightful and brilliant way.

Relevance is also key when defining what the funnel will look like, while nudging users to join your customerbase. For example, content articles might focus on doing their best to retain their readership by listening to the social network the user came from. On one ocasion, I found myself happily agreeing to follow a company on linkedin while visiting a website after seeing it on my LinkedIn news feed.  Because the referrer was LinkedIn, then its highly probable I was open to the “Follow on LinkedIn” message.

The same concept lies behind taking the ad copy all the way down the funnel, ensuring the visitors expectations are tended to and removing pretty much anything else.