Biases and Web Optimization

You are Bias! Yes! Accept it. Take it in. We are all blind to some of our biases and somewhat aware of other biases. It’s important to understand that there are many kinds of cognitive biases and every new author ads one to the list. So perhaps the important take away is that you can’t only trust your gut. Biases are things we are naturally inclined to do, it’s an effort to recognize them in ourselves and hard to accept in others.

  • Always get more than one opinion, the more diverse the source, the better.
  • Get quantitative metrics that reflect growth, as a way of objective confirmation.
  • So while the video below might feel overwhelming, don’t worry about memorizing all biases, focus on understanding the importance of objective metrics as a necessary compliment to qualitative and intuitive approaches to UX and Conversion.

There are also critical thinking biases the might repeat some of the above, but I guarantee the more you ram them into your consciousness, the better you will be able to pivot strategies and that makes all the difference in the world when it comes to optimizing:

And one more video on cognitive biases:




J.F. Aguilar

Juan F. Aguilar is a web advisor, a Psychologist and self taught web developer, with over 18 years of experience empowering people to leverage web technologies in a smart and cost effective way. Specifcially in UX, CRO and SEO. Juan has helped over hundreds of web based projects increase their utilities, either as a private contractor or consultant. He has worked with big fast growing brands like,,, and to small and medium sizef businesses trying to maximize their lead generation and general online strategy and results. Connect with Juan on LinkedIn I also write about important social issues of our current times, that are probably very relevant for you, you can find theme here.

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