UX Dissected: Unconscious > Emotional > Conscious > Nudge.


The decision-making process that your future customers are performing while going down your funnel can be better understood if we pay attention to two critical dimensions of converting: The first one being the emotional and largely unconscious inertia that powers the drive to buy and secondly the rationality that avoided a veto of the “I want, gimme!” command fired by your reptilian brain (…or the lizard as we call it at aguitta…) milliseconds after getting the first impression of the goods you are offering and recognizing it is what it wants.

Selling has everything to do with the unconscious drives that have helped us survive and procreate throughout our evolution. So of course they are present in the base mechanics of decision-making, and they have to do with feelings that stimulate the unconscious first and a self-serving rationale later.


If you were to think of a structured way to understand the emotional-logical decision-making process as a user goes down your funnel, then using the 7 layers of conversion provides a simple checklist to get an objective baseline of the current decision-making environment of your funnel’s UX.

“The reptilian brain is less sophisticated than the rational brain having only the most basic thinking skills. It has no timeline, so it holds the past and the future in the same context as the present. *(…)Thus, the great challenge presented by the reptilian brain is to prevent it from overwhelming rational thought and clouding our judgment.”- Source

Finally I’ll let Damásio explain emotions in our day to day desicion making.


Another recomende video on NeuroMarketing and this subject here:


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