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Juan’s Cover Letter and CV

Juan ‘s Cover Letter.


Thank you for your consideration. My experience and education is centered around psychology, project management; applied to online marketing, lead generation, sales funnel development, media production, UX research, web development, app development and copywriting. 

I strive to deliver projects on time and produce the kind of results that keep customers happy and form long term relationships. It really is about helping people, anything less is unsustainable.

My experience focuses on web assets as a whole, making websites and apps that generate awareness, engagement, leads and sales. I use insights, intuition and data to optimize results. I’m also a fan of tech startups and have worked in a few. I can manage projects both as a one man team, or lead a multidisciplinary team. Obviously, managing experts leads to better results, but sometimes I have helped customers with very low budgets gain important online business assets by doing basic but effective work.

I believe in critical thinking, strategy, experience and continuous learning. This has led me to focus on web psychology and conversion rate optimization, a/b testing specific UX tweaks and measuring how those changes affect conversion rates and other KPIs of web based projects. The things that provide results eventually become best practices.

I like to participate in the long term vision of the organizations I work for and care deeply about the effects of my work, both how I directly benefit my collaborators and customers, and also indirectly in terms of how I affect society and nature. Ideally I’m looking to be part of an organization that focuses on creating value and having a positive impact
now and for the future.

Sincerely, Juan


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